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Dec 31 at Twisted Element, Calgary
New Year Eve– Disco Party w/ Olivia Lux and Synthia Kiss
my first drag show Evar. Also the first time I went clubbing. People here are so nice! I kept getting a whiff of a shit smell but who cares. I didnn't know any of the performers, but let it be known i enjoyed it a lotta. though i did get kinda tired during the middle of the show. It was the ache of not knowing how long the show was and i thought it was gonna go until midnight. It did not. it went on until 10pm. I had beeer spilt on me earilier in the night. went with Amy, Ella, Hal, Chantelle, Owen (another one. an english one!?), Cicely Dec 23 - Family Dinner, Witch Victim, Still Depths, Cheer - Palomino Smokehouse, Calgary First show back in Calgary! Wow so many familiar faces at this one too. Hey guys. Went with Reet. This was Reets first moshpit. Very sweet mosh people here. All white though. that can be said abou all of these shows actually Dec 9 - Y/N, Visa + Myles, VeltenHill, Goats and Lasers - The Jam, Vancouver First time at this venue. I live 5 min from this venue and i didnt know! Great last show during my time in Vancouver, saw plenty of familiar faces from school. Went on my ownnnyy Nov 16 - Hot Garbage, Bingo Switch, Nigel Young - Red Gate, Vancouver Came for my friends band, Bingo Switch. They were great. i am sick of this venueWent with Li, Hayden, Kiyana Nov 4 - RAVEMANIA: Outback, acounta, 300OFU, STLRR, BOOCANAN, nosimcard, Petal Supply - Red Gate, Vancouver My friend Owen's show. Lovely time! was nice to sit on the couches and feel the vibrations. Petal Supply was a nice little treat. I don't know how the capitals are stylized for these names; let me know if wrong. went with Li Oct 29 - Cindy Lee, Preoccupations - Biltmore Cabernet, Vancouver First time at this venue. I have never been more captivated by anyone on stage than Cindy Lee. I love that lady so much. You could tell though, the crowd came for Preocc. Sad! They were messy and old and a man spilled his entire cup of beer on me because he wanted to mosh with it. Went with Li and Hayden Oct 7 - King Bull, Necking, Sunglaciers, Magnolia - Red Gate, Vancouver Came for Magnolia! Weird drunk middle aged crowd during kingbull. NECKING AWSom. Socialized a little at this one. Met a duo who (i guess) their shtick is going aorund and asking people to listen to their long jokes. convinced another person that my friend was in the band. I didnt do any convincing. My heart is filled with guilt. Paranoia. That person will come for me. In my sleep. Went with Li and Cal Sept 16 - Laverne, Magnolia, Still Depths, Goffe - Red Gate, Vancouver First time at this venue. Sweet!! Still Depths never fail to disappoint. the mosh community in Vancouver are like giant toddlers with no sense of awareness for others. went with Li and Hayden Aug 11 - Bridgeland, Wants, JHNN - Kaffeeklatsch, Calgary Watched JHNN's set and then I broke up with a friend outisdie and cried! so i dnt know how any of the other sets were June 24 - Stripmall, Brain Bent, Wet Cigarette, Uranium Club - PinBar, Calgary Stripmall,Brain Bent, Wet Cig were fun! weird drunkk russian guy in the pit, i remember. the crowd for Uranium Club are so evil..... do not know mosh ettiquite. I felt like i was dying. I dont think i like drunk peiple. I dont think anyone does if theyre not drunk. but seriously! I went to this one alone and ran into my friend meghana for a second June 23 - Built to Spill, Buddie, Motherhood - Palace Theatre, Calgary ahhhhhh people in their 30s and 40s. this was fine, really. I don't think you can expect an extravagant performance from a band like BTS (amercia) and the same goes for the crowd. Went with Helen and Aran June 8 - Bad Bodies, Yves Jarvis - I Love You Coffee Shop, Calgary First time at this venue. My friend Derek performed at this as the drummer for both acts. Went with Yayi May 20 - Car Seat Headrest, Floral Tattoo - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver WHY so many sweatly frat guys in the pit!!!! stank and grinked on me. nonetheless, my first pit and had fun fun.We may have snuck a friend in................ Went with Li, Hayden, Reem April 19 - Crywank, Still Depths, COMMUTED - Rec Room, Calgary Met some sweet people at this one. There was a baby running around and a moshpit during still depths, but more surprisingly, crywank. there was a cowbell!Went with Brittney, Helen, Slater April 2 - Sunglaciers and Chad Vangaalen - Commonwealth Bar and Stage, Calgary This was the first show I enjoyed alone. chad awesome Mar 14 - Godspeed you! Black emperor + special guests (not listed anywhere I can find?) - Palace Theatre, Calgary First time at this venue. Least enthusicastic crowd I have ever witnessed. I ran into my grade 12 english teacher here. The crowd was exactly what you would've expected: lanky white guys in their early 30's who never smile. Went with Li