ok so one thing, these are not all"concerts", you know? its just that "show log" sounded weird i think. so consider that haters! Note to future self: Link everypony's bandcamp or something. dont foreget to smile


July 29 Pantago at the FREE STAGE AT THE FOLK FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were awesome. told the crowd to "get sexy in the park". made me uncomfortable. was with Mabel and Bis. We stumbled across this as we were hanging out in the area attending pet-a-palooza... what a treat to be able to just come across a band I was upset I was gonna miss bc i didnt buy folk fest tix. Still, would wish it was jeff tweedy instead... July 8 ShooKitty, Govenor at Loophole Cafe June 24 (SLED ISLAND DAY 4) Booter, Oranje at the Ramsay Block Party June 23 (SLED ISLAND DAY 3) Laura Hickli, Magella, Spellling at the Central United Church Jed Arbour at the #1 Royal Canadian Legion June 22 (SLED ISLAND DAY 2) Oranje, SunForger at Ship and Anchor CO-OP, Mvll Crimes at the Palamino. June 21 (SLED ISLAND DAY 1) HousePanther, Bad Bodies at Dandy tasting room.Tawni Bias at Modern Love.Maryam Sirvan, Big|Brave, Liturgy at Dickens My first full sled island is NOW. Got my discovery pass from doing the poster show and the AUArts SA Art Block show. HousePanther reminds me of snail mail. Really beautiful. YOu cant go wrong with Bad Bodies. The person volunteering at the door at this venue I had matched with on a dating app like a year ago (what.s up mark). Ran into Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Tawni Bias reminds me of EDEN. Which isnt my favourite, but its not like they were bad. tehy had a guy hanging out in the corner sitting on a stool for the parts of the set I saw. I assume he played guitar for one or two songs only. Also Modern Love is as bad as anyone thought it would be. For context, I was told a couple guys from Edmonton bought out Broken City, the venue it was before that was extremely lively, unpretentious, and... broken, and remade it into modern love. We looked at the food and drink menu and they 100% just gentrified the place. The decor was ugly. very ugly. so much room on the walls that couldve been made for local artists. Their fabric of choice on the seats and stuff was this plastically glittery material that you would use to make childrens purses that carry little cherry scented makeup kits. I was also told that the washrooms had RING LIGHTING. awkward. and the people around the area seemed exactly like youd expect, cleaned up alternative millenials (granted, the crowds during sled are always different than most other times). I didn't get the chance to ever visit broken city, but I feel pretty certain that it felt like it had a soul back then. Saw Jed Arbour dancing around during Tawni's set though so thats pretty cool lol. What I saw at dickens was probably my favourite. All the acts were great. Maryam Sirvan cleaned out my ears so good, so clean. Right before bigbrave's set, a guy turned to me and told me that big brave is: if bjork sang for godspeed, the loudest act he has ever witnessed, from montreal. He was right abt the bjork part. wrong abt godspeed. i think its more merzbow or boris. they were great though. i wish i couldve sat on the ground nd do a llittle stimming. my back hurt from standing. i felt their music in my bones. also the drummer was in possession of various balls connected to eachother. I mean they had bells on a leather strap and a steel bead chain. During their set, a plethora of middle aged white men started to appear. and they stayed around for liturgy. very tall people. ALso I saw ethan outside of the venue. Hi ethnan. Liturgy was pretty mindblowing. transcendental. I felt away for most of it. theres a point when music gets so loud that you stop listening to it and youre just thinking in your head. Though I will say, this entire night, i didn't know what to do with my hands. Kept them crossed for most of it. my arms got sweaty during liturgy. Also I didnt knowliturgy was trans-fronted.what a sweet surprise. if only there were more trans ppl in the crowd. hung out iqwth helen and aran for the night. May 29 Strange Notes from the Gutter w/ Soylent Green, Digital Dope(members of Still Depths + Hanna, WANTS, WALKOUT under Ogden Rd SE (51 00'49.5"N 114 00'49.5"W ) got there around 8:30ish and parked fairly far away. walked maybe 10 min. this place is super close to a sewer plant so it stunk during the walk! smelled normal once we were there though. what an amazing time to be alive. someone had a birthday cake and i think ppl ate it with their hands or something. awkward. this was the first circle moshpit + wall of death that I was able to witness. sat my cute little ass away. Soylent green. great amazing. i was told that a deer had been spotted after this set. Later on, tehre was a railroad train that made its way very near by. beautiful and scenic. there were some people who stopped by who had no idea what the crowd was gathering for. a father and his little daughter came by. it was really cute. Digital Dope, great. Love them too. it was really interesting to see this new direction that they were taking. itd be cool to play around with sounds with them. I couldnt hear Hanna's poetry though. the mix wasnt the best. it started getting windy and cloudy during wants---whcih did wonders for the vocalist's hair. made themm look like a very majestic pony. unbelievable. caught some of walkout. cool. cute. but i had to go home. so we walked past===============the sewer plant again and it didnt smell this time! Im guessing bc of the rain that came near the end of wants. This was Helen's and Arans 1 yr anniversary since they started dating. congrats them two. went with them. saw matt springer, derek haussegger, sloane, emily, sasha that works at the jubliee coat check, frannie (didnt say hi...................................................... got nervous), fetus blasters, and met some new faces but i have forgotten their names. damn. worst ever. May 13 Pansy Club w/ Drag: Rip Em, Sir Velvet, Dani Phantom, Jackal Morose, Mx Jendr, Comrade Yulia Borscht DJs: void_visionz, DJ Darling, Trappedintheclub Truck Gallery Amazing night!!!! Talked to so many lovely friends and new people. Everyone was phenomenomenom. Standouts are void_visionz, Sir Velvet, Rip Em, Dani Phantom. Please more events like these!!!! All ages queer parties that are not as overwhelming as twisted. Wore a new outfit and got tons of comments on it. Daschund t shirt and plaid skirt. Wow sweet. Had a water cooler. Cups super small and water was dispensed slowly. Street Cats YYC had a booth and there was harm redux materials in the washroom. heart emoji!! Went with Helen and Britney and brought a bag full of CDs and a pair of sunglasses to give to them. Talked with so many lovely people. Rubix, Juli (and friends Charlie and Parker), Kyle and Carolina, Mike Hooves, PJ, met David(or was it daniel? eitherway super cool person with a rhinestone outfit. Dying to run into them again), also saw Daniel, Emily, Molly (met rachel), Bex (met crow), Ya and Jiaqi (met skye(?)). May 5 Speed Hunters w/NURSE, YWN, SHYFUCK, NSC, DEWDROP STARSHINE, ADAM - Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver caught NSC and hung around after that.. not sure who I got to see past odie! Was my friend's birthday n most of them hung around the top floor. This show was on the second floor. Fortune is an interesting place. I love that its in the heart of chinatown. thats so sick. I wish Calgary had more of that. Always love Odie's sets. Went with isla, Li, Reemo and some other birthday associates, including Sophia, who tied with me in chess earlier that night. Ran into Kiyana Apr 30 Audio Pollenation 5 - 648 Kingsway, Vancouver Caught the last two sets. actually im too lazy to write this now. ill do it hashtaglater. Now is later! Audio Pollenation is an improv night of three groups, each comprised of 3 musicians and one visual artist. They get on stage as their first time performing. Calgary has something similar called Bug Incision that I have yet to catch. First set that I saw starred Ricardo doing a bondage performance. Was pretty awesome. I need to remember to upload pictures. Second set had a standout guitarist/vocalist who was.... hm. All I can say is that I wouldnt be making the jokes that they did. GOt the crowd to hold a note the whole performance which I thought was sweet. Had a really nice time, but I wish there were more experimental acts that played. I would be inclined to sign up for Audio Pollenation if it was. Else I'd feel singled out. I was told the set I missed was pretty good. Visual artist performed as a walking trashbag.Handed outa good number of zines at this show. Went with Li, Reemo, Sima, Cal. Talked to Alisa, Ruben, Maya, Sho, and Kat. Traded with Kat and Sho. After the show, the gang + Ricardo went to Lucy's Diner. Met Andy and Ethan there. Traded Ethan for a little horse that Andy 3d printed. Apr 29 AprilWeen hosted by Mixed Gems w/ Screams of the Bone Age, Silver Ghouls, Rilo Kylie, Pulp Fiction - Redgate, Vancouver um i watched silver Ghouls play and then left. LOL. just feeling over stimuated that day (today. I am writing it after getting home an hour ago). I THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA PLAY WEEN AND THATS IT. I was misled and tricked. went with reemo and li and cal and the firend with the name that I forgot. I need to ask again. Ok i asked. their name is sima.

A card reader that was in a free bin that we picked up before the show. We hid it behind a garbage bin and I took it back with me on my walk home Apr 28 Portal w/ IHA, turtle dreams, some vacancy, sayo b2b still running - 254 E Georgia St, Vancouver in chinatown. room was up a flight of stairs and was roughly the size of a living room + kitchen (the bar).so foggy in that room . There was a fog machine and also a few people smoking a little blunt or two. They sold shroom tea. everyone was sitting or laying down on couches and the ground. I caught the last two sets, idk which ones. I wish there were more shows like that. I guess that implies that people would be high on something, but i enjoyed it a lot sober. Meditative. nothing wrong with either ways thougj. Shout out women. Went with Odie and Adam(@riding my BIKE FAST) and ran into Sam Street there.

well. this is one of them Apr 15 Ill Defined, Alec Arms, Vania, Oranje - Nvrlnd, Calgary went on a walk to get ice cream during alec arms. I got dragon fruit and lychee icecream. awesome. Oranje killer as always. This was an all ages show. and i really enjoyed seeing a lot of people be interested in the scene. i don't think im muchh older than a lot of the people there. everyone just seemed a little bit more approachable than normal. My friend Li called me a soft dom because I dont enjoy leading a conversation unless I KNOW that the other person is like nervous or something. Baha. haa. Zack Bastard was helping run the event. I dont know anyhting about you, zack, if youre reading this, but hi :3. I have noticed that oranje likes to. hold their hands in like a prayer infront of their mouth when people are cheering or when they get compliments. does that make sense. They've done it consistently as far as I know. Consistently meaning like. the twice ive seen them. Anyway they played first. People were really stiff for their set. Nerves maybe. Moshpits didnt last long if at all. It was better for Vania. It is so off to see grown men of the band try to mosh with younger people. Last was Ill Defined. I think they were headlining because everyone lost their minds when they played. A little hardcore emo (4th wave..?). Yea. went with helen.

helen crying in red (get a grip) Apr 1 Dave Munro, Pajama Concrete, ShooKitty - Renfrew Community Association, Calgary Didnt catch Munro. Shout out my two friends PJ and Daniel (shookitppy) I got there at 3:30 for the start of PJ's set. Killer killer killer killer awesome nice gcool cool cool cool. TO BE HOENST i dont think the crowd was silly goofy enough for something like what PJ puts on. which is so evil of them. They said all acts are welcome. But they are too normal. Grow up. Grow old. Die Happy. Personally really loved it . Lets make some noise. ShooKitty. Cool sotuff. really nice to hear some songs with production more than just guitar. Song about ghosts is my favourite i think. I thank. picture time

Pajama Concrete at the RCA

ShooKitty, at the RCA Mar 31 GirlTalk, Oranje, Tunebags, Jed Arbour - Palomino, Calgary baller!!!!!!!!!!! Will definitely be keeping up with what orangheje is up to. Oranje's Set was unreal. Jed Arbour too. Its nice going to a show that isn't hardcore. That being said, not enough people grooving to the music. Only freaks bobbing their head. DO SOMETHING!! Venue was real empty when the first act played and got fuller as the night went on. Thats how it goes hey. Props to girltalk for being a brother sister duo. I could never ever be in a band with my brother. Fucking loved jed arbour. I didnt even know they were trans fronted. Thats a win in my book. Out of all the bands, Jed Arbour seemed like they were having the most fun. Like genuine fun. Can I tell you a secret. I hated the balloons. I did . I am so sorry. I just wanted to zone out and be in my head at times but I knew those balloons would be hitting the back oof my head and would make me look stupid. BUt if you dont participate in balloonism then u look like a real party pooper. I wish i was naturally spikey. like a porcupine. or someone with frosted tips. then its not my fault if they pop. I ran to catch the bus home for this one. Went with Helen, Evangeline, Britney, Jerd, Meghana. Its picture time

Oranje, at the Pal

Jed Arbour, at the Pal Mar 4 The Furnace, dalMatty, Elizabeth Fox, Radioactive Vampire Teeth, Still Depths - Highline Brewing, Calgary Holy shit my first solo show ever. This year is full of firsts, hey? Life is too crazy sokmethimes. I played my dog walker instrument. I should probably make an extra page for that. just to show it off. my little dog walker. I llove hanging out with people. I got a ride home and got yelled at by the driver! went w/ a lot of folks, reet, keri, rubix, daniel, helen, the likes Feb 20 noBunny, Fetus Blasters, Radioactive Vampire Teeth (matt/pj), A Pact With Strangers(seb/anthony) - Highline Brewing, Calgary Holy smoly my first show ever. like the first one I ever played at. We did pretty okay. Really killed it on the last song, mopic. Crossingmy fingers we never use a backing track ever again. fetus Blasters did an oopsie and messed with Matt's mixer and now we think its broken or something. I missed out on RVT's set bc Mabel needed me to go get weed with her LOL. This venue is anti moshing. A pact btwn strangers were great. I love that they. Did breakcore. Live. went with/saw a lot of little ponies i know. lets see if i can remeber everyone: Mabel, Bis, Tristin, Helen, Aran, Britney, Jose, daniel, emily, sara perrydin, elizabeth, reet, roberto, elyotto (LOL), anyone else i forgot because i am acidentaly evil Feb 10 Valentine's Crushes + Blushes w/Oranje, Lipstick Party, TeaFannie, JHNN - Dickens, Calgary Stopped by here after hanging out at Chokeslam at the Bows. Mainly went for the market where Andy's friends were set up. Ate A&W before going in. Only saw a part of lipstick party's set, and stayed like max 40 min before leaving. Met Nell and saw Riel :3 Went w/ Andy Dec 31/Jan 1 New Year Eve– Disco Party w/ Olivia Lux and Synthia Kiss - Twisted Element, Calgary my first drag show Evar. Also the first time I went clubbing. People here are so nice! I kept getting a whiff of a shit smell but who cares. I didnn't know any of the performers, but let it be known i enjoyed it a lotta. though i did get kinda tired during the middle of the show. It was the ache of not knowing how long the show was and i thought it was gonna go until midnight. It did not. it went on until 10pm. I had beeer spilt on me earilier in the night. went with Amy, Ella, Hal, Chantelle, Owen (another one. an english one!?), Cicely


Dec 23 - Family Dinner, Witch Victim, Still Depths, Cheer - Palomino Smokehouse, Calgary First show back in Calgary! Wow so many familiar faces at this one too. Hey guys. Went with Reet. This was Reets first moshpit. Very sweet mosh people here. All white though. that can be said abou all of these shows actually Dec 9 - Y/N, Visa + Myles, VeltenHill, Goats and Lasers - The Jam, Vancouver First time at this venue. I live 5 min from this venue and i didnt know! Great last show during my time in Vancouver, saw plenty of familiar faces from school. Went on my ownnnyy Nov 16 - Hot Garbage, Bingo Switch, Nigel Young - Red Gate, VancouverCame for my friends band, Bingo Switch. They were great. i am sick of this venueWent with Li, Hayden, Kiyana Nov 4 - RAVEMANIA: Outback, acounta, 300OFU, STLRR, BOOCANAN, nosimcard, Petal Supply - Red Gate, Vancouver My friend Owen's show. Lovely time! was nice to sit on the couches and feel the vibrations. Petal Supply was a nice little treat. I don't know how the capitals are stylized for these names; let me know if wrong. went with Li Oct 29 - Cindy Lee, Preoccupations - Biltmore Cabernet, Vancouver First time at this venue. I have never been more captivated by anyone on stage than Cindy Lee. I love that lady so much. You could tell though, the crowd came for Preocc. Sad! They were messy and old and a man spilled his entire cup of beer on me because he wanted to mosh with it. Went with Li and Hayden Oct 7 - King Bull, Necking, Sunglaciers, Magnolia - Red Gate, Vancouver Came for Magnolia! Weird drunk middle aged crowd during kingbull. NECKING AWSom. Socialized a little at this one. Met a duo who (i guess) their shtick is going aorund and asking people to listen to their long jokes. convinced another person that my friend was in the band. I didnt do any convincing. My heart is filled with guilt. Paranoia. That person will come for me. In my sleep. Went with Li and Cal Sept 16 - Laverne, Magnolia, Still Depths, Goffe - Red Gate, Vancouver First time at this venue. Sweet!! Still Depths never fail to disappoint. the mosh community in Vancouver are like giant toddlers with no sense of awareness for others. went with Li and Hayden Aug 11 - Bridgeland, Wants, JHNN - Kaffeeklatsch, Calgary Watched JHNN's set and then I broke up with a friend outisdie and cried! so i dnt know how any of the other sets were June 24 - Stripmall, Brain Bent, Wet Cigarette, Uranium Club - PinBar, Calgary Stripmall,Brain Bent, Wet Cig were fun! weird drunkk russian guy in the pit, i remember. the crowd for Uranium Club are so evil..... do not know mosh ettiquite. I felt like i was dying. I dont think i like drunk peiple. I dont think anyone does if theyre not drunk. but seriously! I went to this one alone and ran into my friend meghana for a second June 23 - Built to Spill, Buddie, Motherhood - Palace Theatre, Calgary ahhhhhh people in their 30s and 40s. this was fine, really. I don't think you can expect an extravagant performance from a band like BTS (amercia) and the same goes for the crowd. Went with Helen and Aran June 8 - Bad Bodies, Yves Jarvis - I Love You Coffee Shop, Calgary First time at this venue. My friend Derek performed at this as the drummer for both acts. Went with Yayi May 20 - Car Seat Headrest, Floral Tattoo - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver WHY so many sweatly frat guys in the pit!!!! stank and grinked on me. nonetheless, my first pit and had fun fun.We may have snuck a friend in................ Went with Li, Hayden, Reem April 19 - Crywank, Still Depths, COMMUTED - Rec Room, Calgary Met some sweet people at this one. There was a baby running around and a moshpit during still depths, but more surprisingly, crywank. there was a cowbell!Went with Brittney, Helen, Slater April 2 - Sunglaciers and Chad Vangaalen - Commonwealth Bar and Stage, Calgary This was the first show I enjoyed alone. chad awesome Mar 14 - Godspeed you! Black emperor + special guests (not listed anywhere I can find?) - Palace Theatre, Calgary First time at this venue. Least enthusicastic crowd I have ever witnessed. I ran into my grade 12 english teacher here. The crowd was exactly what you would've expected: lanky white guys in their early 30's who never smile. Went with Li


Dec 10 - Cartel Madras with DRI HIEV, TeaFannie, Sargeant X Comrade - Palomino Smokehouse, Calgarystayed until like 10:30 and left. So we didnt see anything :P. went with rojda and mariam Nov 27 - FACS, METZ, Preoccupations - Commonwealth stage and bar, Calgary First time at this venue. Loved all sets! Sound system was janky and way too loud. went home with ringing ears for the 24 hours after. went with mariam lets not talk about 2016 and 2019